Despite green victories, all is not lost

Despite the gains environmentalists have had in blocking development and implementing prohibitions on certain activities or products, fortunately, the mean greenies have not been entirely successful. Resistance has sprouted up and it is non-violent rebellion against environmentalists the author of this website hopes to inspire.

Breitbart Sports advises that a judge in Brazil recently rejected arguments from a green legal group making the case to halt construction of a golf course in Rio DeJaneiro. According to Breitbart, the golf course will not only be used for the 2016 Olympic games but is also part of a luxury condominium resort built in a west Rio nature preserve. Environmentalists sought to derail construction based on the argument that the golf course’s construction endangers area plant life.

The city of Middlesborough, Scotland decided to press on with including live reindeer in its Christmas parade despite objections from animal welfare groups. According to the Middlesborough Gazette even PETA even weighed in to the controversy. The group went going so far as to write the council objecting to including live reindeer in the city’s Christmas parade stating animals are not ours to use for entertainment. PETA also decried using reindeer stating doing so could inflict undue stress on the animals, and that using them for public display was cruel and dangerous. This despite the fact that the city will use the reindeer with the consent and support of a respected caretaker. Fortunately, animal rights organization complaints fell on deaf ears.

Fortunately, the plastic industry is not taking California’s ban on plastic bags lightly. According to The Sacramento Bee, plastic industry groups are circulating petitions to get a recently signed state law outlawing plastic bags at local grocery stores on the 2016 election ballot in order for it to be repealed. Apparently, business groups fought the bill tooth-and-nail while it was circulating in the California legislature. After being unsuccessful in stopping the ban in Sacramento, industry groups filed an initiative that will block the plastic bag ban until California voters decide in two years. A public vote on the law is contingent upon anti-ban organizations garnering enough signatures to refer the law to the ballot.

Earlier this month American voters not only gave the Republican Party the majority in both houses of Congress but also control of most US state legislatures. This is significant since you will see efforts on the federal and state level to resist and stop the implementation of job-destroying regulations passed down the the EPA and other agencies. Barack Obama has decided to make the environment the focus of the second half of his last term as President. He will not have an easy time with the GOP in control Congress.

I am sure many of you do not have the resources, time or effort to combat the encroachment of environmentalism in your lives. Those of you who want to do something need look no further than speaking out against and supporting non-violent efforts to stop environmentalist campaigns to prohibit peaceful activities you enjoy. Support scientific efforts such as using animals for medical research or writing to your members of Congress urging them to stop job-killing carbon emission rules or other regulations geared to combat human-induced climate change. Write or talking to local school officials expressing your opposition to the teaching of environmentalism in schools where your children attend classes. Even take the time out to show your children why what is being taught to them about global warming in school textbooks is wrong. You an also get publicity for your efforts too. Last month, actor Liam Neeson got publicity in a local Irish newspaper for his opposition to New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio’s effort to ban horse carriages.

The key thing to keep in mind is that the environmentalists have gotten a head start and have been able to almost successfully command the debate by getting the media, academics and politicians to help further their narrative and causes. With such catch phrases as reducing your carbon footprint; reduce, reuse, recycle; et cetera helps environmentalists better communicate their message. Understanding and then turning their logic on its head (as I have done on many occasions) can rightly put the mean greenies on the defensive so people don’t accept green logic. These and other low-cost efforts can have an enormous impact in order to continue to turn the tide against environmentalist encroachment into our lives.