Greenpeace Canada encouraging false information attack on Best Buy

The Federation of Northern Ontario Municipalities (FONOM) has issued a condemnation of Greenpeace Canada accusing the group of using false information as part of an attack on Best Buy for the company’s use of paper from Canada’s Boreal Forest. FONOM has received an email from Greenpeace Canada urging its members to write false reviews on Best Buy’s website in order to force the company to end its contract with Resolute FP that supplies electronic retailer with paper products made from wood from Boreal. Now Greenpeace is going to have its members plant false reviews on the company’s website in an effort to intimidate Best Buy.

In a November 18th CBC story, Stewart was quoted attacking TransCanada’s possible use of sympathetic allies to make comments supporting their position: “When they actually try to do it in a sneaky manner, having attacks on their critics being co-ordinated by TransCanada but not putting their name on it, that’s where I have a real problem,” said Stewart in an interview with CBC.

Yet just two weeks later, Greenpeace Canada is sending out a message to encourage its supporters to plant false information on its behalf without Greenpeace’s name being on it.

Greenpeace seeks to project themselves as being all pure and honest but it is all a facade. They are seeking to commit fraud just to pressure a company to do its bidding just like they have done with and Apple to force those companies to use renewable energy to power their cloud computer programs. That and the other times I have written about the group exposing their lies demonstrates they have no regard for the truth or human life. It is small wonder why Dr. Patrick Moore has denounced the group he helped establish as evil.