Michael Mann’s tree ring data continues to flop

Dr. Michael Mann’s infamous hockey stick chart is the most thoroughly discredited study in the history of modern science. Despite this, the global warming advocates are still using it. WattsUpWithThat? provides the bloody details of Mann’s tree ring data (which was central to his hypothesis) has been further discredited. Blogger Steve McIntyre of Climate Audit did reconstructions on tree rings and has been able to demonstrate how Mann’s conclusions don’t add up.

The new information shows dramatic failure of the Sheep Mountain chronology as an out-of-sample temperature proxy, as it has a dramatic divergence from NH temperature since 1980, the end of the Mann et al (and many other) reconstructions. While the issue is very severe for the Mann reconstructions, it affects numerous other reconstructions, including PAGES2K.”

What’s worse is that Dr. Mann was warned about all of this but chose to make the tree ring data compiled by Russian scientists his team enlisted to collect central to the hockey stick chart. The Russians tried to warn Dr. Keith Briffa of the East Anglia Climate Research Unit of Climategate fame did not reveal what Mann wanted them to but he went with it anyway. Even Mann’s coworkers warned Mann about tree ring unpredictability.

If there was ever proof that global warming is a political operation and not a scientific hypothesis, you need look no further than the circumstances surrounding Dr. Michael Mann’s chart. He and Dr. Briffa ignored warnings from teammates and tried to play off the chart’s flaws claiming that the current warming period was different because it was human-induced. In reality, as the Russian scientists tried to point out, Mann measured the wrong metric.