Earth First! in their own words

I happened upon what seems to be a recruitment video for the eco-radical group EarthFirst! In this video you will see the true intent of environmentalism. Group co-founder Dave Foreman is featured making an angry rant against human progress:

Its time for a warrior society to rise out of the Earth and put ourselves in front of the juggernaut of destruction! To be antibodies against the human pox!

In the film southern California Sierra Club regional director Bob Hattoy excuses the actions of EarthFirst! Making such proclamations that direct actions being a tool like his tie. Earlier he states he does not want to see anyone get injured but he still does not condemn EarthFirst’s activities seeing the group’s eco-terrorism since they make his organization’s job easier.

The documentary is a bit dated (1987) but it shows the environmentalist movement for what it is. A nihilistic, Earth-worshiping, anti-industrial cult that seeks to return people to primitive times. You will also see activists not only participating in but proudly proclaiming they have spiked trees spiking and conducted other forms of sabotage. I realize as a part of political tactics the radicals are the ones who push the envelope and help the more mainstream groups, but the overall context is to the detriment of mankind.

Victor Davis Hanson wrote a very interesting commentary entitled Lying for the Cause. In it, he outlines four reasons why the political Left will ensure their key constituencies remain under their umbrella to manipulate in order to further the cause. In my view, the most influential aspect that Hanson points to is the influence of postmodernism in Leftist political circles, summed up beautifully by postmodernist philosopher Michelle Foucalt who said:

It is meaningless to speak in the name of – or against – reason, truth or knowledge.

Postmodernism is a literary theory that rejects objective truth and insists that the truth is relative and a matter of interpretation. As a result, the Leftist narrative becomes more attractive, beneficial and even more advantageous than the truth since it is not seen as lying but serving a nobler purpose. As Hanson points out, we saw this recently with the Michael Brown case when Leftist organizers whipped up a frenzy among black people resulting in the destruction and looting of neighborhoods. In the case of environmentalists the reverence of nature depends on the degree as to how much people are willing to believe the Left’s noble lies.