The Dark Side of Environmentalism (Eco-fascism)

A YouTube vlogger and self-described environmentalist discusses a growing worldwide movement – online communities gaining traction and advocating for policies grounded in Neo-Nazi and racist beliefs tied to environmentalism. NOTE: The phrase behind the speaker of the photograph for this post is German for Blood and Soil. Reverence for ecology, which included sacrificing human life… Read More The Dark Side of Environmentalism (Eco-fascism)

The Environment: Freedom’s Battleground in the 90’s

During the 1990’s the Foundation for Economic Education (FEE) hosted a conference in Union, Washington. During the gathering, author Robert Bidinotto delivered a lively and poignant lecture on environmentalism and why it is a threat not only to civilization, but also to mankind overall. In his presentation, Bidinotto describes the evil, altruistic ethics of environmentalist… Read More The Environment: Freedom’s Battleground in the 90’s

Documentary on environmentalism and dehumanization

I have just finished watching an excellent video on YouTube entitled: The Eternal Human. The video explores the dehumanization of mankind at the hands of environmentalists and is in many ways a remake of the Nazi propaganda film The Eternal Jew. Environmentalist philosophy strongly resembles Nazi thought since it values nature intrinsically and sees human… Read More Documentary on environmentalism and dehumanization