Environmentalists decry Uruguay mining project

Let it never be said that environmentalists never cease in their quest to screw people out of their lives, liberty and property. According to Fox News, Uruguayan environmentalists are upset at not being able to obtain a details of report by the country’s Industries, Energy and Mining Ministry because the manuscript is marked confidential.

The greens say that details of the report are important because they are needed to assess the environmental impact of the proposed Aratiri mining project. The group Uruguay Free of Megamining has been waging an opposition campaign to the Aratiri open pit mining project since it is slated to occupy over 15,000 acres. The Uruguayan affiliate of Anglo-Swiss company Zamin Ferrous is set to invest over $1 billion in the project, including construction of a 132 mile underground pipeline that will transport a mix of water and iron ore to a new deepwater port on the Atlantic. The project is going to reap big benefits with growth and create lots of jobs in an area traditionally used for cattle ranching.

Environmentalists, on the other hand, seem set on holding it up despite the overall benefits to Uruguayans. This is one of many instances where environmentalist groups seek to prevent economic development in the name of preserving the environment. I do hold out corruption might exist in the transactions between Uruguayan officials and the Zamin Ferrous. However, it is clear, like in many other instances, environmentalists do not have the best interests of their countrymen in mind.

This reminds me of the events outlined in the movie Mine Your Own Business in which film maker and narrator Phelim McAlleer traveled to Romania, Madagascar and Chile and showed how environmentalists were preventing mining projects and other economic development in the three countries they traveled to because the greens felt the people’s lifestyle was (among other reasons) cute. The details for the report were marked confidential most likely because Uruguay Free of Megamining would twist or take sections of the report out of context to arouse suspicions on the part of locals or use it to their benefit somehow to block the mining project. The Uruguayan government took steps to prevent that from happening.