European and US charities subsidize environmental vandalism, piracy and indigenous tribe persecution

Through its donations to various the Dutch and even Swedish Postcode Lotteries have subsidized green vandalism, piracy and persecution of indigenous tribes. They are one of the largest donors to Greenpeace, World Wildlife Fund and Sea Shepherd, to name a few. That is the conclusion of blogger named Bishop Hill as per Breitbart London who came across an article in The UK Guardian authored by British Greenpeace director Sauven Hill. The essay raised red flags with Hill since he thought one of England’s most reputable newspapers would want to avoid contact with a group for the damage Greenpeace activists caused at Peru’s Nazca site.

Hill decided to check into who else might want to proudly associate with Greenpeace and their activists to trot around the world and conduct their campaigns. He uncovered not just the Dutch and Swedish Postcode Lotteries were culpable but also US-based charities such as The Oak Foundation, and The Climate And Land Use Alliance were giving Greenpeace money of $1 million or more a year.

Postcode Loterij, the Dutch Postcode lottery run by Novamedia, is currently ranked as the third largest private charity donator in the world by newspaper City AM, donating £470.3 Million in 2013 (at the top of the list was the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation who gave away £2.169 Billion last year).

Their website shows that, of that total, €15.9 million was given to the WWF – who are currently the subject of a campaign by Survival, an organisation that acts on behalf of displaced tribespeople. In October, Survival announced that they had uncovered a series of abuses of Baka ‘Pygmies’ in south east Cameroon, at the hands of anti-poaching squads funded and supported by WWF. The Baka people have been driven out of the forests that they have lived in for centuries, and face beatings, sometimes even death, if they are caught hunting for food.

The article goes on to point out that Loterij donated €900,000 to Sea Shepherd in 2014 and have given €6.3 million to the sea pirates since 2007. Greenpeace has been the recipient from the Dutch charity of approximately €55 million since 1996 and in 2014 the group received over €2.25 million. The only way to stop the environmentalist movement is to expose and shut down their sources of funding. Until and unless mainstream media outlets investigate and report this or Congress looks into this racket the greens have, unfortunately things may not change. Organizations like the Dutch and Swedish Postcode lotteries was well as their US counterparts are nothing more than enablers of green terror against mankind.