Greenpeace isn’t only culprit damaging Nazca Lines

The controversy surrounding Greenpeace activists damaging Peru’s ancient Nazca Lines have, rightly, lead to an chorus of condemnations. However, citing The Wall Street Journal, Newser points out that it isn’t just Greenpeace who is responsible not just for damaging the Nazca site but also many other historic ruins in Peru.

Tomb raiders, developers, and illegal miners have destroyed or disturbed countless sites across the country, and in Nazca, the geoglyphs have been damaged by truck drivers taking shortcuts, government-sanctioned off-road racing, and squatters who have built homes right on top of the delicate lines etched into the desert around 1,000 years ago.

Archeologists say the government has been very lax in its efforts to preserve historical locations like Nazca. Consequently, it leads to incidents like what Greenpeace activists did. This does not, however, excuse the green group’s advocates conduct. Blame also has to be laid at the feet of Peruvian politicians for not doing enough to preserve the country’s ancient heritage.