LA city council backs away from GMO ban they supported

LA city council member Paul Koretz was sure his GMO ban would pass. According to the Los Angeles Times he introduced his ordinance and it was heard in committee with little controversy. Koretz was sure his legislation would pass since the city committee who heard it passed it with only one dissenting vote. Fortunately, a biotechnology trade group hired three top lobbyists to put the brakes on it.

Shortly after the lobbyists were hired and when the committee hearing the bill convened to consider Koretz’s GMO ban, three of the five council members who had initially expressed support came out against it. The committee then tabled the ban pending further study. The LA Times points out that the GM ban would have largely been symbolic since no known GMO’s are grown in Los Angeles.

“The city is going to be better off making a decision with a lot of information, rather than just emotion,” said lobbyist George Kieffer, who represented critics of the ban. “Their statement, if they choose to make it, will be just as important in three months as it is today.”

The lobbyists for the ordinance’s opponents point out that the council members were given information by them as part of an outreach effort pointing out the ban was based on faulty science. The supporters of the ban were shocked at the reversal stating they had met with the staff of LA council members and stated they felt they got positive reactions from them.

The article in the Los Angeles Times seems to demonize lobbyists and trade group connected with companies like Monsanto. But fails to even go into how damaging such a ban would be due to the precedent of outlawing GMO’s in a major metropolitan city like Los Angeles. Such efforts are not only the result of a regulated economy and, unfortunately, politicians seeking to make a name for themselves and environmentalist groups working to restrict GMO’s dissemination for purchase and consumption outright.

Obviously the paper supports the environmentalist cause of prohibiting GMO’s and has decided not to even consider the outright evil intent behind such an idea. The LA Times reels against the idea of companies who produce hiring lobbyists to defend themselves against green groups who want to end human life by restricting our food supply and grandstanding politicians who know little about science, care only about their re-election prospects and getting their faces on the 6 o’clock news.