Kansas farmers join GMO “contamination” lawsuit

Trial lawyers in Wichita, Kansas recently ran TV ads looking for for small town farmers to join a class action lawsuit in order to sue Syngenta. This being done, according to lawsuit attorneys as quoted by Wichita-based KWCH on a claim that the international agriculture company contaminated the US corn supply by selling genetically modified strains of maize.

The lawsuit alleges that despite only a small amount of farmers used Syngenta’s corn seed it affects everyone. When farmers sold their corn, it was mixed in with other corn crops. Hence, countries that ban GMO corn won’t buy corn from Kansas which will result in a drop in the price of the product. Lawsuit attorneys allege that Syngenta mislead corn producers that countries, like China, would allow the importation of GMO corn.

This is nothing more than a frivolous, nonsensical lawsuit. Effective December of last year, China opened its markets to GMO corn imports and Kenya is expected to lift its GMO ban as are a host of other African countries. There is no reason that small town Kansas farmers should have any difficulty selling their crops overseas.

While this lawsuit is not the result of environmentalism per se, opposition to GMO’s overall hails from Gang Green itself including the notion the lawsuit’s attorneys are suing to claim “contamination”. I have no doubt that environmentalists cheer such efforts like this since it is one way to attempt that can hinder GMO production and distribution.