Aussie anti-vaxers start and recruit for a fake church

Conspiracy theories aren’t just the argument from design applied to current events, they are literally a theology geared to tell the story about the multiple, non-governmental organizations of global elites plotting to plan and manipulate world events. One anti-vaccine group in Australia obviously had the lightbulb go off in their heads and decided to start a new church in order to skirt Australia’s requirement that parents have to vaccinate their children.

The online Australian pop culture magazine Pedestrian Daily reveals that the Australian Vaccination Skeptics Network decided to join a fake religion known as the Church of Conscious Living so parents who refuse to vaccinate their kids can use their membership to qualify for a religious exemption under Australian law. The only thing is, joining the religion costs $25 and it is not registered as a religious or charitable group with the country’s federal government. Rather, the so-called church is set up as a business established exclusively for the purpose of helping their members avoid Australia’s immunization laws.

Groups, like the anti-vaccine and environmentalist movement, are centered around a specific ideology as their primary mission. Both groups work to the detriment of mankind. In the case of the anti-vaccine movement, the groups that make it up are centered on the claims that vaccines cause autism and are not safe since they contain all kinds of toxins that are bad for human health. Furthermore, they allege a conspiracy with vaccine companies in bed with the government.

In the case of the church Aussie anti-vaxxers tried to set up, they already are one in many ways since their base theology are conspiracy theories alleging a government coverup. Regardless, this is a clear case of fraud by anti-vaccine groups seeking to skirt Australian law. What the group will really do is make it possible for their members to not only be infected but hosts that can infect others. A clear subversion of the health if not life of the innocent.