Penn & Teller: Alternative Medicine is Bullshit!

During April of this year Dr. Peter Hotez, director of the Texas Children’s Hospital Center for Vaccine Development, spoke out against a presentation at Dallas, Texas’ Earth Day named Healthy Healing Arts: The Green Vaccine is promoted as a nontoxic alternative to vaccines.

The lecture was given by Cathy Lemmon who is a proponent of holistic remedies such as homeoprophylaxis. The technique, according to The Dallas Morning News, uses the homeopathic approach of diluting medicinal substances to the point of them being nothing more than a placebo and then using them as substitutes for medicine.

Many evironmentalists and anti-vaccine activists are proponents of homeopathic or alternative therapies in an attempt to steer people away from science-based medicine. In the below video excerpt, magicians and humorists Penn & Teller investigate alternative medicine practices and point out why they are bullshit!