PeTA strong arms Inditex to drop angora wool

In typical human hate fashion, People for the Extortion, Terror and Abuse of human beings (PeTA) issued a report alleging that angora wool used to make high end clothing items was being torn off live rabbits in Chinese factories that manufacture angora wool clothing. It just so happens, according to The Local, that ninety percent of angora wool manufacturing is made in China.

As a result of the report and despite the company investigating the allegations and finding no wrong doing, the world’s largest clothing manufacturer (Inditex) has announced it is halting production of and will stop selling angora wool products to its retail clients. Now, as a result, customers will no longer be able to buy clothing made of angora wool from many retailers due to the this extortion campaign based on lies. This means less money not only for Inditex but also for its clients and will throw hundreds maybe thousands of Chinese employed by the companies who manufacture this wool product out of work.

I have reeled against PeTA before stating animal rights activists hate humans and this is a prime example of that. Now humans will have one less piece of clothing they can wear to make them look fashionable and the Chinese employee seeking out a living at the plant that made angora wool is out of work. Like I have said, animal rights groups are not about the ethical treatment of animals but are really about the animalistic treatment of humans. I will be contacting Inditex and other clothing manufacturers and stores that sell angora wool and tell them to ignore PeTA and keep on making products with the material.