Ex-PETA employee: I was encouraged to steal and kill pets and falsify records

A shocking confession by an ex-employee of People for the Extortion Torture and Abuse of human beings (PeTA). The Huffington Post points out that a woman employed by the human hate group for fifteen years has blown the whistle on her former employer alleging she was encouraged by the organization’s President to step and euthanize pets as well as falsify records. The statement was made by Heather Harper-Troje who is married to a US diplomat who resides in the American embassy in Honduras.

Mrs. Harper-Troje has stated she would be willing to testify under oath though her experiences occurred fifteen years ago. This is long after the expiration of the statute of limitations and until her statements are verified they are considered allegations. However, this news could not have come at a worse time for the group. PeTA has been embroiled in a controversy since late last year surrounding two of their employees caught on camera allegedly stolen and then euthanizing a Virginia man’s dog.

According to The Huffington Post, Heather Harper-Troje was no mediocre employee:

[S]he spent a lot of time in poor neighborhoods, “getting to know people, educating them on the benefits of spaying and neutering, vaccinating, proper nutrition, and the importance of socialization for dogs.”

And she was not considered an inferior employee, by any means: “My first performance review earned me a raise and accolades from Ingrid Newkirk, the president of PETA and my direct supervisor.” But she had what is apparently considered by PETA to be a serious moral flaw: She wanted to keep rescued animals alive.

In the article, Mrs. Harper-Troje details her experiences while working for PeTA. Describing how the organization would euthanize pets and saw themselves as a shelter of last resort while she did what she could to find pets homes that would adopt them and even openly disagreeing with the organization’s policies. According to the article’s author, much of what Harper-Troje states does confirm or is similar to how the human hate group operates today.

In fairness, Virginia’s Commonwealth Attorney did not prosecute the two employees who took Wilbur Cerate’s dog not only due to lack of evidence but because the group is regularly called by locals to take away stray animals. Apparently, the dog in question was thought to have been a stray because did not have any identification on it. It was only later when employees realized their error did they returned to Mr. Cerate’s home to apologize to him and offer compensation.

None the less, despite the right the two employees tried to wrong, PeTA has a history of misrepresenting their intentions. In a column published during 2005 in The San Francisco Gate, Debra J. Saunders revealed representatives assured a veterinarian who gave PeTA dogs and cats to adopt out that they would be quickly find the pets good homes only to euthanize the animals minutes upon receiving them.

PeTA’s deception regarding the adoption of animals doesn’t just make the group immoral, what makes the organization a complete and utter fraud is that their claim is to be for the ethical treatment of animals when their actions demonstrate completely opposite. The fact that the group consistently lies about their intentions makes the group and their cause nothing more than a monstrous fraud. The basis of animal rights is nothing more than a thorough hatred of man, making life a living hell for humans using the humane treatment of animals as the means to do so.

3 thoughts on “Ex-PETA employee: I was encouraged to steal and kill pets and falsify records

  1. So she euthanized wee small adoptable healthy dogs BECAUSE HER BOSS TOLD HER TO?
    It was against her principles BUT SHE KILLED THEM ANYWAY?
    Jeeze marie if I didn’t want to kill an animal I wouldn’t even if the lord bebbe jesus told me to.
    Who would kill an animal just to keep their job?
    I do believe this picture has been photoshopped


    • I think its notable she decided to come forward. However, when she was employed with PeTA in many ways she had to do her job. I won’t fault her for that but then there is the fact that employees (such as her) had to misrepresent the truth about their being able to adopt out animals PeTA took in.


    • Besides it was PeTA who told her to do what she did. The fact that she pushed back in some cases got her fired. I think the fact that Heather Harper-Troje has come forward, her story corroborates with other reported instances of animal euthanasia and is willing to testify under oath speaks volumes to her credibility.


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