Biden Proposes Ridiculous Oil Drilling Plan

Since moving in to the White House, Biden has sought to undo every one of Donald Trump’s achievements. However, in light of his sagging poll numbers resulting from high gas prices, Biden is proposing an idiotic drilling plan that will halt drilling off of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans while issuing leases for drilling off of the coast of Alaska and in the Gulf of Mexico. From the Associated Press:

The proposal released by the Interior Department on Friday evening would allow as many as 11 oil lease sales for offshore drilling over the course of five years.

But the plan is still being developed, and gives the administration several options—including one that would forgo new lease sales entirely, according to the Interior Department. Ultimately a final decision is months away.

No doubt in Biden’s mind this is an acceptable trade-off in order to cater to voters who would not be as disappointed. Then again, it could be another way to give another sue and settle kick-back to environmentalists since they are not only unhappy with the move, but will (most likely) sue in order to halt the leases like they have for drilling on public lands.

Simultaneously, fossil fuel industry companies are also disappointed with Biden’s plan:

“At a time when Americans are facing record high energy costs and the world is seeking American energy leadership, tonight’s announcement leaves open the possibility of no new offshore lease sales,” said Frank Macchiarola, senior vice president of policy, economics and regulatory affairs at the American Petroleum Institute, in a statement.

People in general are not convinced about Biden’s attempt to blame Russia or Vladimir Putin for the high cost of gasoline either. Former Trump Interior Secretary, David Bernardt, bluntly stated the obvious recently, that high gas prices are nothing more than the consequence of Biden’s poor decisions:

“Since day one, this administration has put climate activism over energy independence and energy security,” Bernhardt, who was the DOI’s deputy secretary between 2017-2018 and led the agency between 2019-2021 during the Trump administration, told FOX Business in an interview Tuesday.

“What it does do is make very clear that there is a very real possibility they choose to either have no leasing or many fewer sales,” her continued. “They have been relentless in their desire to pursue climate activism over energy security for the American people, even though it’s wildly unpopular.”

But, like has been pointed out before, that we are in an incredible transition to get us away from fossil fuels and to embrace clean energy (whatever that means). However, with answers like this being given by the Biden administration and their constantly moving goal posts, people see right through their charade.

The drilling plan is so whacked out, only a Washington bureaucrat or expert could have come up with it.

PHOTO CREDIT: A cropped image of this meme at Patriot Post.