The Left and the “Divine Right of Kings”

For many centuries, a number of countries ruled by monarchs subscribed to the notion of the Divine Right of Kings, that a sovereign is the agent of God on earth, and his or her word is law. To somehow question or abridge this custom was tantamount to a sinful act that could carry with it harsh punishments, including death.

Yet it was in England that this concept started to erode when King John started oppressing British noblemen with taxation and other measures without their consent. The result was English barons revolting and then John being forced to sign off on the Magna Carta that placed limits on the British monarchy’s ability to rule. The events post-Glorious Revolution built on the Magna Carta, resulting in Great Britain becoming a constitutional monarchy with the overthrow of King James II, and parliament enacting the English Bill of Rights.

The events surrounding the Magna Carta and Glorious Revolution were inspirational for the 13 British Colonies in America where colonists rebelled against King George III in order to gain independence and freedom from the English monarch’s rule. The notion of absolute rule has reared its ugly head again, except it is an element of the ideology of a contemporary political movement that literally is a religion: The Left.

Since the Left lost to Bush in 2000, they have taken the attitude that only an office holder that belongs to their tribe is legitimate, and anyone who is not must be destroyed. They’re repeating the same nonsense they conducted against President George W. Bush and applying it to Trump (i.e. “not my president”) including dehumanizing his supporters. The natural outcome of considering your opponent inhuman can result in enslavement or worse.

The Left’s entitlement mentality wrapped in the idea of absolute rule is ultimately a totalitarian mindset and the only end result of taking this view is armed conflict. It means at some point, if defeated in an election, the Left will refuse to relinquish power. They’re preparing or laying the ground work trying to normalize their conduct, not only with the riots, but also going in to neighborhoods, bars, and restaurants demanding people pay bribes or swear allegiance to their cause (i.e. forced conversion), including rigging elections

The fullest expression of the Left’s philosophy is Karl Marx and there are plenty of examples of what they truly want with the end goal to overthrow the U.S. government and install a Communist dictatorship. The television ads the Trump campaign ran showing Nancy Pelosi as an out-of-touch, elitist snob weren’t just appropriate in terms of undermining her and her political party, but put a face to this immoral idea the Left has held for many years that was finally exposed.

Consequently, voters responded in kind by rebelling at the ballot box and resisting them should continue until the Left is soundly defeated.

PHOTO CREDIT: The Coronation of Charles VII of France By Eugène Lenepveu –, Licence Ouverte,