Green groups unhappy with Apple solar land buy

Apple computer company is ready to go solar. Breaking Energy reports the company has bought a 2900 acre piece of land known as California Flats in Monterey County, California in order to build a huge solar powered plant as a way to help boost the company’s green credentials. There is only one problem, Defends of Wildlife and other environmentalist groups are disappointed with the location. So much so that they filed objections to the project’s location when county supervisors held public meetings on the facility and its location.

“Clearly the number of rare, endangered and sensitive species that have been documented on the project site and the additional number of rare, endangered and sensitive species that have potential to occur on the site, makes this proposed project area unsuitable for solar development,” the groups said.

Defenders of Wildlife pointed to endangered species such as the San Joaquin kit fox and the golden eagle that use the terrain where Apple wants to build its solar plant. It doesn’t look like the groups will be successful since the project is too far along and environmentalists just realized the alleged threat to endangered species. However, that won’t stop them from trying as they plan to continue to raise objections when hearings are held about the plant that will be operated by First Solar.

However, this should also be another example of what environmentalists are all about. In two other cases I have written about, green groups raise objections to projects that entail renewal energy sources. In Scotland, one environmentalist group is campaigning to halt construction of a wind farm that will be based near Loch Ness lake alleging the wind farm will be an environmental disaster. In New York, an environmentalist group is suing to block the approval of a power plant being brought online located on the Hudson River. The facility would use natural gas as its power source but Riverkeeper alleges the plant would pose a hazard to fish.

The above mentioned instances of green group obstruction of different methods to generate power from renewable energy sources (like wind and solar), the multiple nuclear and coal-fired plants environmentalist groups have successfully forced closed, and this latest example to block the construction of a solar plant for Apple Computers demonstrates that renewable energy sources proposed by environmentalist groups like Greenpeace and the Sierra Club is nothing more than a charade. In the depths of their souls, environmentalists are an over sized, collective anti-industry and anti-technology campaign. The basis of environmentalism is to sacrifice mankind to the needs of nature and they will lie and obstruct construction of facilities (like power plants) in order to achieve their aims. Environmentalist’s sole purpose is to revert mankind back to another Dark Age in which people are viewed sacrificial fodder for their nature goddess.

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