Copenhagen cafe and synagogue shootings result in manhunt

Two people are dead and five are injured after shootings occurred at a cafe and synagogue in Copenhagen, Denmark today. USA Today reports Danish police are now involved in a manhunt to locate the perpetrator(s). The gunman at the cafe attacked an event for cartoonist Lars Vilks who drew cartoons that parodied the prophet Mohammed and the French ambassador to Denmark was also in attendance, both of whom were not injured. The suspect in the cafe shooting has been identified by authorities as Arabic appearance, but with lighter skin than normal and black straight hair.

I am sure the assailant was Muslim and that both shootings are related. The incident has also been classified as a terrorist incident. The gunman is still at large but it is my hope that he and whoever else was involved inthese attacks  are brought to justice quickly. This clearly was another attack on free speech similar to the Charlie Hebdo massacre and, simultaneously, an attack on Jews. My thoughts are with the families of the deceased and injured.