EPA scandal: Concealing data, hiring a phony CIA agent and attempting to quiet dissent

When it comes to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), one would think that regulations issued by the agency are based on precise scientific experimentation and analysis. Not so, according to two articles published by The Daily Signal. The online publication points out, rules governing how questionable EPA air quality rules were pushed through the agency by a man named John Beale. This done in conflict with scientific procedures and despite objections raised.

Beale is now serving 32 months in a federal prison for scamming the federal government and was the EPA’s former highest paid official. Worst part about it, he plead guilty during September 2013 for impersonating a CIA officer for over a decade. This in addition to collecting a paycheck at the EPA while taking generous amounts of time off, not providing any work and was allowed to retire by present EPA chief Gina McCarthy with full benefits. To her credit, however, Mccarthy did request an investigation of why Beale kept collecting paychecks six months after retirement, but the review took a few months to get going. The EPA, subsequently, put in safeguards to prevent this from happening again.

However, this is a scandal that goes right to the top of the agency entrusted with issuing regulations geared to protect the environment. This corruption was revealed as part of an investigation on the part of the Senate Republican caucus spearheaded by Louisiana Senator David Vitter, who now serves as chairman of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee. Committee staff investigated a relationship discovered between sue and settle agreements between the EPA and environmentalist groups and evidence exposed that pointed to scientific data manipulation.

A report was later issued by the Republican caucus when these facts came to light detailing how agency staffers concealed and deceived about science that was the basis of its most important programs while silencing and disparaging the EPA’s internal watchdog divisions. Consequently, this allowed the EPA to exaggerate the benefits and downplay the costs of its rule making under the Clean Air Act. The science and the people involved in this enormous fraud have finally been exposed but it is important to grasp that this occurs throughout the EPA regulatory process including the federal government ordinarily.