Penn and Teller: Conspiracy theories are bullshit!

A consistent theme that is present in environmentalist rhetoric and especially in the anti-vaccine movement alleges there is a conspiracy going on. Anti-vaccine and anti-GMO groups, for example, allege that vaccine manufacturers, like Pfizer, or biotechnological companies, like Monsanto, collude with government health agencies in order to poison people and shield vaccine manufacturers who put all kids of harmful chemicals and additives in their products. Many conservatives allege a conspiracy on the part of the United Nations working in unison with environmentalists to destroy property rights in America as outlined by Agenda 21.

In 2003 Penn & Teller dedicated one of their shows on the topic of conspiracy theories. In this you will see not only the ridiculous things conspiracy theorists purport but also the circular logic involved in subscribing to such mythology. It’s one thing to question the information that is released by governments and corporations. It’s another thing to believe that anything you learn from science, the military, the media, and the government are big, fat lies. Allegations of plots involving world domination, corruption, and evil schemes around every corner? Bullshit!

UPDATE: In case any of you are unable to view this video on YouTube, I have found this episode on LiveLeak which can be seen here.