Down Under solar program is costing taxpayers billions while polluting

Australian taxpayers are shelling out billions of dollars in subsidies to find a solar power boondoggle that has opted for cheaper panels and other mechanisms in order for manufacturers to maximize profits, the Australian Daily Telegraph reports.

Under the scheme if a household decides to purchase solar panels they do so through an importer that is tantamount to giving the importer certificates as part of the Australian government’s targets for renewable energy. This, in turn, acts as a sort of discount for the consumer when the panels are purchased. However, the Telegraph states that installers are turning to cheaper panels that last merely a few years and then can break and fall off their mounts despite the system originally suppoed to have panels that can last a few years. This in order to maximize profits and the result of a loophole in the law that allows importers of solar panels to do this. It is estimated that one quarter of the buyers of this solar system have had re-purchases due to system failures.

With accusations like this it also reminds me of the recent news reports of solar projects contributing to the deaths of hundreds, if not thousands, of birds in states like Nevada and California. The Crescent Dunes solar project out of Nevada, for example, will use tens of thousands of mirrors to reflect sunlight to a certain point in the facility. Those mirrors are responsible for confusing birds who see their reflections and head right toward it. Consequently, the birds either slam into the panels or burn up prior to impact.

The only reason these programs exist is due to the billions of dollars in subsidies and now they are contributing a different form of pollution in the form of breaking solar panels and the carcases of birds. Yet no hue and cry from environmentalists. Also, it is a well known fact that renewables are not a reliable source of constant energy since fossil fuel power sources are used when wind and solar powered plants are not generating energy due to changes in the weather.

The purpose of renewable energy schemes (in this case solar power) was not to reduce carbon dioxide emissions but to put in place policies that environmentalists wanted to be the monopoly power source in order to benefit the industries they supported. Ultimately, the unreliability of them would have resulted in humans not having power at all had fossil fuel-based power sources not been in place as backups. Environmentalist group’s advocacy for renewable energy was merely a tactical argument to be made in order help rob mankind of the ability to prosper and live since energy is the basis of civilization.