New York Southern Tier towns talk secession over fracking ban

A handful of towns in New York state’s Southern Tier are so outraged with Governor Andrew Cuomo’s ban on fracking that they are seriously considering folding into Pennsylvania. WBNG-TV out of Binghamton, NY reports that fifteen towns located in New York’s Southern Tier are investigating if they can secede from New York and become a part of Pennsylvania. The Southern Tier had hoped to take advantage of fracking if drilling came to their area due to the area towns economies hit hard by the recession. Now they cannot thanks to the Governor’s declaration.

“The Southern Tier is desolate,” Conklin Town Supervisor Jim Finch, a Republican, told WBNG. “We have no jobs and no income for anybody. And the richest resource we have is in the ground.”

The news report does go on to point out that Pennsylvania may not be a haven for the towns seeking to leave the Empire State. Pennsylvania’s Governor has ridiculed the drilling procedure and banned fracking in state parks and forests.

New York’s Southern Tier is in need of jobs and economic development. Thanks to Governor Andrew Cuomo’s ban on fracking by executive action, the area has been devastated yet environmentalists cheered Cuomo’s decision. This is what environmentalism is all about. It is to destroy any and all human activities that benefit mankind in some way. I do hope that the Southern Tier towns and any region hurt by Cuomo’s ban also note the green groups who praised the Governor’s declaration since this shows they are anti-life.