Owen Patterson takes on “The Green Blob”

Former UK environment minister Owen Patterson has decided to come out swinging against the EU and environmentalist groups like Greenpeace. In a speech at Pretoria, South Africa Patterson denounced The Green Blob and the EU of condemning millions of people in third world countries to death due to both group’s opposition to genetically modified foods (GMO) and other plant sciences that can help save lives.

In his speech, Patterson likened Greenpeace to the Luddites who sabotaged textile machinery during the nineteenth century and ridiculed the EU for restricting food production within the continent. He stated that the world is in the midst of a green revolution similar to the one that helped feed billions of people like what happened during the 1960’s and 70’s. But for that to happen, Patterson said, the Westerners have to give up imposing their food fetishes on developing countries. He accused The Green Blob of myth making and misinformation by opposing scientific trials involving the growth of genetically modified foods. He also condemned the EU for strong arming third world countries into not using GMO crops and threatening to halt imports if they refused. Owen Patterson also decried the sacking of the office of EU science adviser that was held by Professor Anne Glover, a supporter of biotechnological foods.

Owen Patterson got the idea of referring to environmentalists as The Green Blob from a 1950’s horror movie where a green, alien blob attacks Earth by consuming everything in its way. An appropriate label since there are few facets of life immune to the effects of environmentalism. The philosophy and the groups built up around it have nearly penetrated most areas of human life in which the result is nothing more than misery or (as the example of GMO’s demonstrates) death. Patterson is right to compare environmentalists to the Luddites since they are not only opposed to GMO’s but to industrial sciences (like fracking and other oil extracting techniques) that give humans the ability to enhance our quality of life. Environmentalists are also opposed to life-saving medicines as indicated by animal rights groups’ opposition to animal testing, and anti-vaccine groups’ opposition to vaccines.

Like Mr. Patterson’s speaking out, this website is another voice of dissent against the environmentalist movement. I hope more voices are raised to halt Gang Green’s holy war (aka jihad) against mankind so science and civilization can progress better than it is now. Environmentalists are intentionally a drain on humans and our way of life, they need to be stopped.