California chicken cage law ratchets up egg prices

Over a month ago California voters approved a ballot measure, Proposition 2, that required chicken farmers to enlarge cages for chickens that are used to lay eggs. However, according to the UK Guardian, the law also states that chickens must be in cages they can lie down, stand up, extend their limbs and turn around freely. But instead of making cages larger, farmers are taking a different route. They are either order new, larger cages or reduce their flock. Some farmers have pulled out of the egg business altogether.

Ken Klippen head of one egg farmer trade association is quoted by the Guardian as saying:

“The cost to implement the requirements in California could cost farmers upwards of $40 per chicken,” Klippen said. “In order to meet the space requirements in the law, some farmers in the midwest are culling (killing) upwards of 40% of their flocks.”

Not all egg farmers are opposed to the law’s results, however. One egg producer named Jake Townsend states:

“I’ve seen conventional eggs as high as $6 or $7 a dozen this month, and then you’ve got some pasture-raised eggs available at $9.50 a dozen, so all of a sudden people can pay just a couple dollars more for better quality eggs,” Townsend said. “Based on my conversations with both consumers and store owners, that’s a leap a lot of consumers are willing to make.”

The Humane Society that sponsored Proposition 2 states that they wanted to prod egg producers to embrace a process that would entail cage-free eggs. However, that has not happened and more people are against California’s law than in favor. The new cage law has only resulted in higher egg prices driving some farmers out of business while others make efforts to skirt the law.

The only person hurt by this is the consumer but groups like the Humane Society and their wealthy benefactors and staff members don’t care. Their evil intent is to drive as many people off egg consumption while hoping ridding people of eggs from their diets results in later nutrition including death. Proposition 2 was not about humane treatment of chickens, but diet behavior modification that the Humane Society hopes to result in ridding the planet of more humans. Slowly, but surely with victories like this their goal may just be realized.