Environmentalists lose French dam fight

After eleven years of wrangling between environmentalists and farmers, a Tarn, France council gave final approval to a dam and reservoir to be built at the River Tescou. According to France24, the plan is designed to give better water irrigation to local farms and was conceived and proposed in 1989. It faced fierce opposition from local environmentalists that was the subject of protests and legal wrangling including accusations that the dam would ruin wetlands for wildlife and very few farmers would benefit. Environmentalists even went so far as to attempt to intimidate local farmers who supported the idea.

It is good the farmers prevailed, but toward the end of France24‘s report, a group of environmentalists vowed to be back with some stating they would hide in the woods. With this kind of rhetoric it could very well mean they not only resume their protests but will also resort to sabotage of building equipment as well as harassment and intimidation of construction workers. This has been the case in the United States with Earth Liberation Front activities regarding logging.

This is one of many instances where environmentalists seek to obstruct, if not outright halt, construction of edifices that will benefit not only agriculture production but human beings overall.