Charges dropped against French foie gras maker

A western France court has ordered the release of foie gras producer Ernest Soulard after having the charges of animal cruelty brought against him dropped. According to France Médias Monde, Soulard was accused of animal cruelty by a French animal rights group named L214. Soon after the accusations were made, Foulard was charged with animal cruelty in 2014 making this the first of any such case ever to be tried in the country.

During January of this year, the prosecutor asked the court to drop the charges due to a lack of a police investigation and the animal rights group wanted to prosecute force feeding of animals overall. France recently updated its animal rights laws to consider animals living, sentient beings rather than goods or furnitures as they were originally considered. Had Soulard been prosecuted, it would have lead to other prosecutions which would result in a chilling effect of using animals for pets or for even food consumption.

I am glad Ernest Soulard was released and the case against him dropped. The changes made in French law regarding the status of animals and the fact that Foulard was arraigned for animal cruelty shows the how human rights will be obliterated and simultaneously one, small but significant attack against the human food supply. Ernest Foulard was providing a product for his customers that utilize the over feeding of ducks to enlarge their livers so they can be consumed.

The philosophy of the animal rights movement is based on an egregious argument borrowed from French philosopher Rene Descartes’ idea that if a being (like an animal or human) feels pain they have rights. Dr. Edwin Locke of the Ayn Rand Institute correctly points out, that rights do not depend on someone’s ability to feel pain but on a being’s ability to think. Animals do not have the capacity of deliberation and choice and are devoid of any such abilities. An animal’s primary method survival is predatory instincts via reflexes, association and sensory perception. This as opposed to humans who use reason as their primary means of survival.

Animal rights is one of the environmentalist movement’s fronts in order to assault the human food supply. Groups like PeTA, L214 and Mercy for Animals, conduct piecemeal campaigns and win legal battles against lesser consumed dishes like foie gras. While it is not a source of nourishment, there are those who like to consume foe gras and people like Ernest Foulard and restaurants who serve it do so as a service to their customers.

Animal rights groups have a sick, demented, twisted code of ethics which is not grounded in the hatred of humans and not for the care or concern for the lives of animals. It is this hatred that motivates activities like attempts to charge foe gras producers with anima cruelty, slander or vandalize animal testing labs, firebomb meat production facilities or fast food restaurants, publicly condemn people for eating meat in fast food restaurants, and even lie about the treatment of animals at dairy and cattle farms.