“Sexy hunter” thumbs her nose at animal “rights” groups … again!

Michaela Fialova the “sexy hunter” from the Czech Republic is at it again. Ms. Fialova has been criticized for posting selfies of her posing with her big game trophies and has ignored calls to stop. The UK Daily Mail points out she recently uploaded a video showing her preparing and eating Zebra meat.

Michaela has been ridiculed for the photos of her successful kills she posts on Facebook and her doing so has resulted in a campaign started by animal rights activists to not only shut down her web page but also to ban her from entering Africa. She remains undaunted and continues to brag about fresh kills that include giraffe and zebra. Ms. Fialova, is from Litomerice, Czech Republic and has been hunting since she was 13 years old. She shot boar, capercaillie and muflon in Slovakia and Hungary this year and is presently in South Africa where she has successfully hunted a giraffe, hyena and water buck.

Michaela gives new meaning to the term lovely and talented. In her spare time she works as a personal trainer, kick-boxer and guide in Africa and Europe for fellow hunters. I give credit where credit is due. Michaela loves what she is doing and is unashamed for it. She not only takes pride in what she does but is also willing to defend her passion for hunting against moral busy-bodies who have nothing better to do with their time but obsess about other people’s business.

She describes her hunting as memories that will last a lifetime and here is hoping she inspires new generations of hunters (both male and female). Simultaneously, I also hope she emboldens others to stand up to so-called animal rights groups who prefer the savagery of the animal kingdom over the civilization of man.