Fracking report written by environmentalist

A report that spurned some high profile British doctors to call for fracking to be banned for medical reasons was written in part by an environmentalist. That is the conclusion of a news report published by the London Times in which the British paper in which the report was published in the English medical journal Medact. Breitbart reveals that the manuscript states the research for the study was comprehensive and that oil and gas shale extraction could increase the risk of a number of health problems.

As it turns out, the Medact paper was partially written by a man named Mike Hill who is running for parliament on an anti-fracking platform and who is also a member of Friends of the Earth (FOE). Hill contends on his campaign website that fracking will lead to birth defects and a number of other health issues without citing any evidence to back up his claims. In at least four instances Hill claimed to be an expert adviser to the European Unionm the Royal Society and Britain’s government. Yet when contacted to confirm Hill’s status with them, each of his claims have been refuted by the groups he claims to be an expert for. Each of the groups Hill claimed to advise all said they he is not an advisor.

Mike Hill is one of many examples as to how environmentalists have no shame in furthering their anti-industry agenda. In this case it was to gain some sort of recognition as an expert and play a part on authoring a policy piece geared toward banning fracking with the support of Great Britain’s medical community. Hill is also a member of an anti-fracking group in addition to being a member of Friends of the Earth. This reminds me of a scandal that took place last year when a group of scientists tied to an environmentalist group attempted to draw up a study making the case for banning neonic pesticides, get it published in a peer review journal and then other researchers in their group would duplicate the study’s findings.

And it is with all of this that environmentalists wonder why the environment is such a low priority for people now a days.