The racism of PeTA and their Holocaust protest

April 16th is Holocaust Remembrance Day. Despite the significance of the day to remember the millions of Jews who died resulting from the pre-planned Genocide planned by Hitler and other Fascist leaders, it has not stopped animal rights groups from using the occasion to equate the event with the meat consumption and animal farming. The event is on par with the tasteless manner of PeTA’s Holocaust on your plate campaign.

This time, animal rights extremists are using the day to hold funerals for slaughtered animals on the same day as Holocaust Remembrance Day. Equating deaths of animals with dead Jews is not only morally repugnant, I think it crosses the line into anti-Semitism. While I run the risk of giving such an event publicity for writing about it, events that are bigoted like this deserve to be condemned. By equating animal meat consumption with the Jewish Holocaust or any event that involved mass murder is not only wrong but outright evil since it lessens the impact of such terrible events.