Leonardo DiCaprio’s enhanced carbon footprint hypocrisy

It never ceases to amaze me when Hollywood liberals expect people to do as they tell them or when they endorse or campaign for certain issues but, when it comes down to it, don’t practice what they preach. The UK Daily Mail recently reported that Hollywood movie star and environmentalist extraordinaire Leonardo DiCaprio has flown his personal jet six times between New York and Los Angeles totaling about $200,000 in private travel during April and May 2014.

The news cam about when hackers obtained information via the Sony corporate records leak resulting in the movie The Interview being released in which Wikileaks obtained the documents and made them public. As it turns out, somehow DiCaprio’s travel records are kept in Sony databases. Worst part about it, Sony was the one who picked up cost of the plane including catering and car service at DiCaprio’s departure and arrival destinations. This despite the fact that DiCaprio’s foundation funds the group Green World Rising whose campaign is Lighten Your Carbon Load.

I think Leobardo DiCaprio should lighten his carbon load before he tells other people that they should lighten theirs. Then again, he helps Al Gore make money by paying for carbon offsets. If so, he can justify his lifestyle because (in theory) he is carbon neutral. Below is a video from PJTV in which reporter Michelle Fields At the so-called People’s Climate March in which DiCaprio is one of the people interviewed. Check out his answer when Ms. Fields asks Leonardo DiCaprio to respond to accusations by critics that he sails on yachts and flies on planes yet tells other people to curb their lifestyles.

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