The Sierra Club’s anti-coal fraud

A national watchdog group is monitoring the Sierra Club after complaints arose over the green group listed some North Carolina businesses as being signatories in a campaign letter sent to Sierra Club supporters to oppose coal extraction in the state. National Review states last October the Sierra Club listed 80 businesses as co-signators to its letter calling on Duke Energy to close its Asheville coal plant.

National Review reached out to to over sixty of the businesses listed in the letter but did not receive many replies. The magazine did, however, discover three additional businesses Asheville Glass Center, Black Mountain Yarn Shop, and Gallery MIA, who did not endorse the Sierra Club’s campaign. One other business, Lululemon, said the group listed them without their corporate office’s permission. One other business who asked to remain anonymous said their business has suffered as a result of their establishment being listed involuntarily.

When an Asheville Citizen-Times reporter confronted the Sierra Club with these allegations the group refused to show him proof that the small businesses they listed on their letter gave permission to be listed. Due to the backlash resulting from this fiasco the Sierra Club now requires written permission from a business before they are listed in one of their advocacy campaigns. Had National Review and the Asheville Citizen Times not gotten wind of the allegations and one business speaking to the press about what had happened, the Sierra Club would have gotten away scot free and the Duke Energy coal plant probably would have shut down.

This goes to show the contempt groups like the Sierra Club have for the truth. Environmentalists subscribe to an idea Plato wrote about known as The Noble Lie since greens consider people other than themselves as too ignorant to run their own lives. Therefore, lying to further the cause in order to save the Earth from the plague of humanity is warranted. The only plague is the fraud conducted by the Sierra Club since it shows that the group can’t bare to think that people actually want their civilization powered by plants that use fossil fuels.