Animal “rights” intimidation efforts shut down vital primate research

Thanks to intimidation efforts of animal rights terrorists, one of Europe’s top neuroscientists Tübingen neuroscientist Professor Nikos Logothetis’ recently announced that he will no longer use non-human primates as part of his brain research. The staff at Science 2.0 state that Dr. Logothetis and his staff endured months of continuous threats and hostility that forced him to eventually back down.

Consequently, the professor’s decision is considered such a huge blow to scientific research that in less than two days over 2000 scientists from all over the world signed a letter of solidarity to not only express their support of Dr. Logothetis’ decision but to also mourn for the loss in scientific knowledge in the field.

During March of last year, Science Insider reported about a study published by the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology. The manuscript pointed out that animal rights terrorists are changing tactics from vandalizing laboratories that use animals in their scientific experiments to conducing acts of vandalism and threatening individual researchers and their families. This is a win but only for the anti-science side. Now with Dr. Logothetis’ resignation, brain science could suffer a huge setback and animal rights groups will be emboldened due to their intimidation tactics using threats of violence are now proven successful.

I will bet a steak dinner that with this victory that none of the people behind Professor Nikos Logothetis’ decision will be signing up to be patients in his brain research studies. Environmentalist groups, like animal rights organizations, are not interested in science much less the ethical treatment of humans or preserving any form of nature. They are only interested in killing humans in any way they can. In this case it is to destroy scientific knowledge that is used to further and preserve human life.