Victory! Australian farmers defeat PeTA campaign to demonize shearing industry

Australian farmers have a reason to celebrate. The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) reports</a. that the Victorian Farmer's Federation states that farmers took to social media questioning how PeTA could claim to show a dirty little secret of the shearing industry by faking an image. Back in April, PeTA released an advertisement which had Australian musician Jona Weinhofen holding a fake sheep covered in blood with the headline, Here is the rest of your wool coat.

Soon after the controversy surrounding the advertisement occurred, farmers took to social media to debate and point out the fatal flaws in PeTA’s assertion that sheep shearing is a form of animal abuse. As a result of their efforts major metropolitan media started reporting the farmer’s side of the story that helped undermine PeTA’s smear campaign. Farmers Down Under realize that PeTA will be back but they will be better prepared to take to social media should something like the group’s anti-shearing campaign ever occur.

Animal rights activists claim to favor ethics treatment of animals but this is one of many instances where groups like PeTA demonstrate that their cause is more about the animalistic treatment of humans. The group knowingly lied about the sheep shearing industry and, fortunately, sheep farmers fought back and prevailed. There are not many victories like this so I am glad reason prevailed over the irrationalist of animal rights groups. Had PeTA been successful hundreds of thousands of people would have not only been thrown out of work due to the sheep shearing business being shut down but humans would have one less means to make clothing for themselves to keep warm. In addition to attacking the food supply (meat) and medicine (animal testing) now groups like PeTA attack the means of how we produce clothes to wear which, in turn, makes it even harder for humans to live.