The EPA as a backdoor for environmentalism

Wall Street Journal columnist Kimberly Strassel uncovers an example of illegal and corrupt behind-the-scenes conspiracy by the Environmental Protection Agency with environmentalist groups. In this case it is a collaborative effort to force the closing of the Pebble Mine in Alaska. The Wall Street Journal story is behind a pay wall, but Elizabeth Foley, commenting on Instapundit, cites this quote from Strassel:

As Pebble summed it up in a letter to the agency’s inspector general this week: ‘EPA gave anti-mine activists an opportunity to review, comment, and shape the strategy EPA would pursue to block development of the mine. Then, having decided that it would proceed to block the mine using a [pre-emptive veto], EPA sought to cloak its actions by recruiting the very same anti mine activists to “petition” EPA to initiate those [veto] proceedings. . . .’

Pebble was bulldozed in a secret, ideologically driven collusion between greens and government. That is a scandal worthy of resignations.

Collusion between EPA and environmentalists occurs all the time. It is abundantly clear based on the vast amount of cases I have written about on this website related to such issues as global warming and pesticide regulations. The EPA shared its computer data files with green groups; the agency conspires in a sue and settle context to have those same groups initiate lawsuits against the agency itself in order to give it an excuse to mandate the regulations it wants but can’t due to lack of Congressional action. Organizations, like the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) and Greenpeace, collaborate with EPA officials on all sorts of strategies like this — and, worst of all, the taxpayers end up footing the bill.