The Population Bomb debunked

During the early 1970’s a controversial but widely read book whose thesis was largely accepted at the time raised concerns about the potential for overpopulation. The book was entitled The Population Bomb by biologist Paul Erlich. Erich’s thesis drew from an earlier tract by philosopher Thomas Malthus who said the Earth’s resources were limited and that population would outstrip them resulting in massive famines and pollution.

In his book, Erlich proposed special taxes on diapers and children, sneaking sterilization of the public through drinking water, and even lacing foreign food assistance with anti-fertility drugs. Erich’s ideas had such an impact that India instituted a sterilization program where millions of people were sterilized in which some sterilization was forcibly administered. Despite none of Erlich’s doom and gloom predictions having come true, he remains unapologetic and continues to purport his apocalyptic vision like a fire and brimstone clergyman.

Retro Report has done an excellent video outlining Paul Erlich’s efforts and shows how and why his predictions were not only wrong then but will be now and in the foreseeable future.