Animal “rights” group simulates chicken living for humans

First PETA tries to discourage meat consumption with animation of chickens and then humans being put through a slaughter house, pays for advertisements geared toward kids equating eating a turkey with eating your pet dog, and then resorts to virtual reality computer simulations of what happens to chickens before and during the slaughter process. According to the UK’s Metro, a British Animal Rights group named Animal Place has been enlisting the help of volunteers who agree to brave a hen cage. The group asks people to climb into a cage so people can see for themselves what life is like in one of the cages used to house chickens.

The cages are cleaner than the chickens’ and their male young are not discarded since they are not able to produce eggs. This being done in an effort to not only educate but discourage using chickens not just to lay eggs but also for human food consumption. This simulation is far tamer than PETA’s attempt at grossing people out either by their I, Chicken simulation or their Thanksgiving animated commercial putting a human through a turkey slaughter house. Ultimately, its also another way to demonstrate what animal rights groups would love to do to humans since groups like PETA and Animal Place consider humans to be a cancer on the face of the Earth. Below is a video of this sick and demented anti-human simulation.