Now having pets contributes to climate change

This just in from ChannelNews Asia. An article points out pets have a surprisingly large carbon footprint that contributes to (you guessed it) global climate change. The average paw print is so large that even goldfish aren’t immune. This according to a 2009 scientific study conducted by researchers at the University of Victoria out of Wellington, New Zealand which states, in part,:

An average-sized dog consumes about 360 pounds of meat in a year and about 210 pounds of cereal. Taking into account the amount of land it takes to generate that amount of food and the energy used, that makes your dog quite the carbon hound. A 2009 study by New Zealand’s Victoria University of Wellington concluded that pet dogs have carbon paw prints double that of a typical SUV. John Barrett of the Stockholm Environment Institute, in York, Great Britain, confirmed the results of the New Zealand study. “Owning a dog really is quite an extravagance, mainly because of the carbon footprint of meat,” Barrett told New Scientist Magazine.

If this wasn’t so ridiculous it would be laughable. Actually, come to think of it it is hilarious since in 2009 it was purported that dog methane emissions through their fecal matter is worse than an sport utility vehicle (aka SUV). Cats are even singled out too since, according to the article, cat litter (which is not biodegradable) accounts for 2 million tons of landfill space and contains a parasite dangerous to pregnant women. The author is kind enough to recognize that humans have possessed domesticated animals for thousands of years and might not stop.

But in order do your part in order to save Mother Earth from your dog and cat’s evil presence interviewees for ChannelNews Asia recommend giving your pets eco-friendly products to eat, keeping them indoors in order to avoid killing birds and other wildlife. Also, don’t overfeed them since we wouldn’t want Fido or Fluffy to become obese since being overweight contributes to global warming too. Also, put toys on your chopping block since we wouldn’t want landfills full of used or unused pet toys taking up too much space in landfills now would we? If you do decide on toys, use only biodegradable products including to clean your animal and their resting place.

Notice the manner or context of the way to lessen your pet’s carbon footprint. One author does recommend not owning pets and even claims that a dog owned here produces more CO2 than someone who lives in Haiti or Afghanistan. Environmentalists would prefer Americans’ lifestyles to be downgraded to conditions like in those two countries. I am sure h greens would go so far as to advocate the idea of ditching your pet. How one goes about it I guess is up to them but I am sure based on environmentalist’s global jihad against mankind, owners killing their pets might be an option greens would embrace.

The issue of climate change and urging people to lessen their carbon footprint is nothing more about control. From the day a human is born on Earth, the environmentalist doctrine of original sin is laid upon mankind exacting guilt just for our existence. Consequently, people are urged, scolded, and even ridiculed for their lives and livelihoods like pet ownership. The next logical step in this awful chain of reasoning is the end of human life itself.