Immigration Orphans: How US immigration policy is hurting American kids

Brandi, an 8-year-old American child, vividly remembers the morning her father—an illegal Mexican immigrant—was forcibly taken from their Miami home by federal immigration officials. She had been getting ready for school when ICE officials entered the house with guns, demanding her father’s arrest. She has not seen her father since.

Her story is unfortunate but not unique: more than 100,000 American children are affected by parental deportations each year. These deportations can have devastating consequences for children; apart from the emotional and psychological effects of losing a parent, these children often end up in a financially perilous situation or are even placed in foster care. The byproduct of a broken immigration system, these childrens’ stories have often gone unnoticed.

Except by Nora Sandigo.

This ReasonTV video profiles Nora Sandigo who is a Nicaraguan immigrant and current Miami resident and has devoted the past six years to helping children like Brandi. She is the legal guardian of over 800 American children who have lost at least one parent to deportation.