Hawaii GMO ban struck down

Hawaii News Now has just reported a federal judge struck down a ban on GMO production on the Hawaiian island of Maui passed by voters there during the November 2014 election.

Supporters of the ban are obviously livid. Attorney Michael Carroll who represents the anti-GMO SHAKA movement is quoted as saying the people of Maui should be outraged that their vote doesn’t really count after this. As University of Hawaii law professor Ken Lawson points out, the ruling isn’t an approval of GMO’s only correcting which municipality has jurisdiction over agriculture. In this case it is the state of Hawaii and that agriculture policy has to be uniform throughout Hawaii.

The statement on the part of Ken Lawson should give pause to anyone who pays attention to remarks like that. Lawson and anti-GMO activists are essentially saying that a majority, in this case 23,000 voters, have the right to vote away the rights of a minority, in other words GMO production companies and farmers. The farmers stated the ban would have a significant, negative economic impact on the county’s economy and decided to challenge the ban in court. Fortunately, they won.

However, if history is any guide, since environmentalists can’t win by enacting bans on bio-tech foods they will probably resort to eco-terrorism such as sabotaging GMO production and disrupting biotechnological experimentation. Tactics similar to what is being done by animal rights and anti-vaccine activists. ReasonTV produced an excellent video report (posted below) about the GMO debate in Hawaii and, rightly, points out that anti-GMO activists are nothing more than anti-science.