Friends of the Earth chief: Green movement must leave the “white, middle-class ghetto”

I guess, according to Friends of the Earth head, Craig Bennett, environmentalists are going to have to check their white privilege. He was recently quoted by the UK Independent as saying that the environmentalist movement should leave the white, middle-class ghetto and mingle more intimately with Britain’s ethnic and working class people. Essentially, Bennett is picking on the green establishment (so to speak) because the environmentalist movement is seen as irrelevant to people’s lives and he is seeking to make it relevant.

Craig Bennett wishes to see the environmentalist movement appeal to the wider audience seeking out grounds like the UK’s Bangladeshi population for new blood. He is quoted by the Independent as saying:

“I’m fed up with warm white wine receptions in London, talking about the bloody energy ‘trilemma’ [how to keep the lights on in a way that is both green and affordable]. There are far too many people in London who think they can come up with the answer and force it on people,” Mr Bennett said, adding that FoE staff do not fall into that category.

In fairness the environmentalist movement has opened itself up to people of other communities (albeit very slightly). Greenpeace’s Executive Director, Kumi Naidoo, is the first African to have head the organization, in which he just stepped down in March after nearly six years. There is also a Greenpeace affiliate in India and sixteen other minority and women leaders in the environmentalist movement too.

However, Bennett’s remark sounds like one of desperation and I would not be surprised if he sees something other green organizations don’t. The biggest obstacle with the environmentalist movement is the environmentalist movement. I am sure Bennett’s statement is an indication of a shrinkage if not the eventual death of the green movement. I have noticed environmentalists hate humans up to the point where many will forgo having children. Some have even gone so far as to voluntarily sterilize themselves due to their concerns about global warming. Also, I am sure the green movement has burned a lot of bridges with their mis-statements, exaggerations and outright lying when it comes to issues such as climate change, fracking, bio-tech foods and economic development in poor countries.

If environmentalist groups, like Friends of the Earth or Greenpeace, are starving for new recruits due to being on the verge of collapse resulting from a lack of recruits may they quickly shrivel and die. The contradictions of the movement itself are what is doing it in since it is a vehicle for a collection of busy-body elites who think they know what is best for other people and not out of any concern or care for nature. Their shell and shadowy organizations funnel them tens of billions of dollars to conduct numerous political campaigns and litigations all in an effort to hold back and eventually destroy civilization. It is my sincere hope that the environmentalist movement fades to nothing more than a bad memory and suffers the fate of any other religion that eventually dies out because people finally realized it was all nothing more than mythology.