Environmentalists salivate over Obama GMO regulation announcement

A recent announcement has environmentalists licking their chops at its potential outcomes. According to Inquisitir, short of genetically modified medical products, the Obama Administration has ordered the EPA, FDA and USDA to update rules related to GMO crops, animals, and microbes. The organic community is taking this as good news since GMO rules haven’t been updated since 1992 and the update is presumed to be the result of the Obama Administration’s ties to environmentalist and organic groups such as the Environmental Working Group.

For many years biotechnology companies, such as Monsanto, could set their own policies in terms of genetically modified foods since most people either believed that GMO’s were safe or, until recently, the controversy surrounding them was not an issue. Now, with the growth of the organic food movement government organizations and politicians (like President Obama) are slowly taking the side of the organic groups. The fact that environmentalist organizations and organic groups are happy with this announcement is not good news.

Bio-technological foods were developed to help meet the demands not just of growing populations but also to ensure healthier and quicker means of being able to produce food. As a species humans have a moral right to bend nature in order to survive and modifying foods for consumption is a practice that has gone one for thousands of years. Using bio-technology is an extension of our knowledge to create and enhance our food supply and mankind is better off for it.

Environmentalists behind the slander campaigns against GMO’s and organizations that manufacture them have contributed to the deaths os a huge number of individuals with their words and activities. After Europe banned the export of GMO’s to third world countries it has resulted in massive starvations and death. In the case of this policy change announced by the Obama Administration, green and organic groups can now attempt to influence government policy related to GMO’s in order to minimize competition. The attack by environmentalists on GMO’s is as much an assault on our food supply as much as it is grounded in their hatred not only of science and human life.