No, Tom Selleck didn’t steal water for his ranch

After being accused of stealing water for his 60-acre ranch, a lawsuit has been dropped against actor Tom Selleck. ABC News states the lawsuit was filed by the Calleguas Municipal Water District in Ventura County, California alleging Selleck illegally sent giant tanker trucks to a fire hydrant to fill them with water. The water was then brought back to his 60-acre ranch in Westlake Village. The district also paid for a private investigator for $22,000 to look into the matter.

ABC News confirmed Tom Selleck actually paid for the water. It was paid for by a construction company hired by the actor to buy the rights to draw from a city fire hydrant. As long as the company pays the monthly fees and water bill they can draw as much water as they need or sell it to a third party. Otherwise, Tom Selleck did nothing wrong and the district is going to settle the matter. Since California is in the midst of a drought, the area where he lives and the entire state is under water use restrictions.

For over thirty years, environmentalist groups opposed upgrading California’s water delivery infrastructure. Now, as a result, California is paying for their ardent, religious opposition to new dams and reservoirs that could have stored water for future use if a drought was ever come about again. The public shaming of people like Tom Selleck is one consequence of the green’s ardent opposition to progress grounded in their hatred of man and civilization.