Arctic scientific expedition canceled due to record ice levels

Heavy ice has resulted in the cancellation of a carefully planned scientific Arctic expedition aboard the Canadian icebreaker and research vessel CCGS Amundsen. CBC News reports that during summer months the Amundsen doubles as a research ship in which the vessel was supposed to conduct a survey in North Baffin Bay located between Greenland and Baffin Island near the North Pole. But the voyage was called off due to heavy ice conditions in Hudson Bay.

The Amundsen has been reassigned to assist supply ships who service the northern areas of Quebec on Hudson Bay’s east side. The scientific expedition may be able to resume its trip next week as two more icebreakers will be available in the Arctic. Assistant commissioner for the Coast Guard Johnny Eclair is quoted as saying this is the worst ice conditions he has seen in twenty years. This is consistent with the National Snow & Ice Data Center’s sea ice extent showing ice levels are above this year from 2014 and is obviously the result of a cooler 2013.

So much for Al Gore’s 2010 prediction of an ice-free Arctic by 2014.