More on the Obama climate conspiracy

I have been doing more research on the U.S. Senate’s revealing President Obama’s conspiring with environmentalist groups in order for the EPA to culminate carbon emissions standards to clamp down on climate change. President Obama has made the idea of sacrifice for the common good a theme for most of his Presidency. The President and the members of his Administration, like Secretary of State John Kerry, are committed altruists who will sacrifice any and all of America’s ideals.

Obama realizes that once the EPA sets up its new standards to force plants and achieves his end goal of an economy based on renewable energy, this will set the stage for all future discourse. Any endeavor by the following president to change it will confront resistance from the EPA, who will look to defend the set up as business as usual.

From this perspective, we can see why John Kerry’s announcement on Iran is very instructive. The purpose of the Iran nuclear accord is to place America in the position of being the big bully who should be controlled, the rebel country, the unscrupulous major issue, the party who will be faulted if the arrangement comes apart and who will be guilty of each awful result that takes place after.

John Kerry laid the groundwork for his political career as a Vietnam War veteran who accused his fellow veterans of numerous atrocities as if the United States, rather than the Communists, was the oppressor and mass-murderer in Southeast Asia. In hindsight and taking into account the logic behind it and much of President Obama’s policies, John Kerry’s appointment as Secretary of State and his personally negotiating the nuclear accord with Iran makes sense. During his speech at American University last week, the President delved into revisionist history essentially blaming the United States for all of the Middle East’s problems resulting from the Iraq invasion under President Bush. In a general sense, President Obama says all foreign policy problems are America’s own doing resulting from its alleged warlike bellicosity, which is what must be hindered, in the President’s view, in order to assure our enemies.

President Obama has made it a point to negotiate with Iran which is a brutal, iron-fisted dictatorship that not only sponsors terrorism the world over against the United States and Israel, but whose regime is based on an evil, totalitarian ideology (Islam), for which they have detained, tortured, and executed their own people. With his colluding with environmentalists President Obama is siding with another evil ideology that on the surface is dedicated to environmental preservation but, in reality, is committed to destroying our industry and reliance on fossil fuels in order to drive America into the ground since our wealth and prosperity are not to be cherished but, instead, reviled.

If the President is successful and according to his logic, in the end we will be responsible not just for Iran’s warlike behavior, but also environmental degradation despite human-caused climate change being based on extremely flawed science. This is the morality of altruism par excellence and an attempt by Obama to blame America first in order to appease two evil, mystical forces that seek to destroy us. In short, in Obama’s mind, if Congress does not implement his Iran nuclear accord and climate controls are not established, then America will be responsible for everything that happens from now on.