NY fracking ban is bankrupting state rural towns

Environmentalists laud New York’s fracking ban but but for those living in the state’s rural areas it is ruining opportunities for them to benefit. The Daily Caller cites a report by the New York Comptroller who revealed from 2009 to 2014 the state added almost 550,000 new jobs but they were all concentrated in New York City.

However, New York’s Southern Tier is nearly economically decimated due to the Governor’s prohibition. So much so that at one point the counties that make up the area mulled seceding from the state and joining Pennsylvania. There are large natural gas deposits that would benefit the area greatly, but Governor Cuomo decided he knew what was best for New Yorkers and unilaterally imposed a temporary ban on fracking during December of last year but made the declaration final in June.

Southern Tier residents are not only losing jobs but also hope. The Comptroller’s report doesn’t help matters either since it states that upstate New York is losing out on manufacturing and petroleum related jobs due to Cuomo’s ban. The Daily Caller quotes it as saying:

“The Southern Tier, Mohawk Valley, Central New York and North Country regions all experienced employment declines over the five years, with lower rates of total wage growth,” the comptroller’s report found, adding that overall labor participation in the region was falling as well.

The manuscript also points out:

“Manufacturing jobs declined by 5 percent in New York over the five years, as compared to growth of almost 3 percent nationally,” according to the report, adding that “the large increase in domestic oil and natural gas production over the past five years contributed to this significant employment growth at the national level.”

Governor Cuomo still maintains his outlaw of hydraulic fracturing even though during the same month Cuomo finalized his order, the EPA released a study concluding that there was no evidence that fracking pollutes US drinking water sources. Yet drinking water was one of the environmental factors cited by the Governor when he issued his decree. Fox News reported that the research Cuomo cited for his reasons for banning the drilling method was conducted by anti-fracking activists.

Not only was fracking banned at the delight of environmentalists but it was also done using junk science as the rationalization. Well known New York City celebrity liberals Yoko Ono and Mark Ruffalo also weighed in supporting Cuomo’s injunction. When all was said and done, the greens and entertainment personalities who backed Cuomo went back to their nice, comfortable homes and all of their luxuries while people in the Southern Tier suffer. It is a lot easier to oppose energy production and productivity when you have a lot of money and think you can tell other people how to live.