EPA secretly dumped toxic waste as far back as 2005

Some additional developments have been revealed about Gold King Mine owner Todd Hennis who was threatened with fines by the EPA for access to his mine. Dennis accuses the Environmental Pollution Agency (EPA) of secretly dumping toxic waste into waterways for approximately ten years prior to the Animas River incident.

The Franklin Center for Government and Public Integrity quotes Todd Hennis alleging that not only did the agency act incompetently in handling the Gold King Mine, but in 2005 the EPA quietly dumped up to 15,000 tons of polluted sediment into a mine 124 miles away from the Gold King Mine in Silverton, Colorado. According to documents retrieved by the Franklin Center, the agency also collected massive amounts of sludge from two Leadville mines and then secretly dumped the refuse down the New Mikado mine shaft that Hennis owns along with many other mines without notifying him.

If a private company had done this, they would’ve been fined out of existence, he said. I have been battling the EPA for 10 years and they have done nothing but create pollution. About 20 percent (of Silverton residents) think it’s on purpose so they can declare the whole area a Superfund site.

The Franklin Center reports that the EPA has urged town officials to allow them to declare a section of Leadville a Superfund site so the agency could develop a recreational area to be known as Mineral Belt Trail. The proposal was to be completed by the year 2000 but the agency remained and continued to work in town.

To add insult to injury, even while working on the Gold King Mine, the EPA went so far as to lobby town leaders into permitting the EPA to classify the entire city of Silverton as a Superfund site. This based on the assumption (without any tests or proof) that the entire area is polluted. The town refused not only due to lack of evidence but that their reputation would be seriously damaged.

As if the Gold King Mine incident wasn’t enough now this news comes to light. The EPA not only is incompetent at cleaning polluted mines but they coerce mine owners to allow the agency access to their properties and then secretly dump tons of toxic sewage down other mine shafts in order to cover up their incompetence. Then the EPA attempts to cajole town officials to allow portions or all of their municipalities to be declared Superfund sites while going far as to show there is no hard feelings and hoping to keep locals quiet by doling out wonderful taxpayer funded prizes like recreational areas. In light of this and with the example of John C. Beale don’t we all feel swell that the EPA in on the job?