Environmentalists preach child hatred to combat climate change

On the pages of this blog I have documented that environmentalists are anti-human. Not just mistaken but morally twisted. I have praised the efforts of environmentalists such as Bjorn Lomborg, Patrick Moore, Mark Lynas and (more recently) Stephen Tindale for their intellectual honesty and coming out to defend industrialization and scientific advancement. Unfortunately, most mean greenies implicitly or explicitly assume humans are a pollutant or cancer on the Earth that should be sacrificed on Gaia’s altar. NPR provides another example of this.

Despite being a father himself, James Madison University philosophy professor Travis Rieder has decided to take up the cause of convincing his students not to have children or too many of them. He posits that an environmental crisis brought on by human induced climate change will occur soon and stresses the importance of reducing their carbon footprint. He will also have a book out later this year making this same point. He is not alone, either.

Meghan Kallman and Josephine Ferorelli created Conceivable Future in 2014 to make the same case that Rieder is. To them, the climate crisis is a reproductive one and their group hosts regular meetings making their case. The attendees, however, tend to be environmentalists anyway. In reality, their doom-and-gloom message is: there will be an environmental catastrophe occurring soon, it is your fault and you had better not help grow the human population if you want to survive.

In many ways these efforts are similar in many ways to the Voluntary Human Extermination Movement (VHEM). However, eco-radicals have advocated zero population growth for decades many times utilizing government action (including forced sterilization) to achieve that goal. Now they have the ultimate argument for selling suicide, that carbon is bad and that to live as a human is to produce carbon. Carbon, however, is the basis of life on Earth and the environmentalist’s movement’s war on carbon targets for eradication Earth’s most productive carbon-based life form: mankind.