Italian Left looks other way for Islamic animal slaughter fest

An Italian political tabloid Il Giornale (The Journal) has published a commentary related to an Islamic festival that involves ritual animal sacrifice. The event is to take place September 23rd in the Piazza D’Armi located in Como, Lombardy. The op-ed states:

A foreign culture that is manifesting all over the world its goals of hegemony, colonization and purposes of dominance and submission. No dialogue with those who refuse to subscribe agreements with the Italian state. This was stated is the [Northern] League’s deputy canturino Nicola Molteni, after the Como council has authorized the Islamic celebrations that will be celebrated in Piazza d’Armi September 23rd.

The concession fee is 20 Euros, plus a security deposit of one thousand Euros; the cleanliness of the area covered by the Islamic community.

“This is the left authorizing Islamic cultural centers, and authorizing these events contrary to the principles of our civilization – the deputy says – which guarantees the Islamic community favorable rates and rents subsidized (the council sells off 20 euro public spaces for a party contrary to our culture. And while ago the battles to remove the crucifixes from public places, “prohibits” the crib in schools, censor the word “Jesus” by the songs of Christmas, condemning the suicide of our traditions, of our identity. This left which grants golden bridges to Muslims, is a snare: mandiamola home to prevent the Islamization of Como “.

No outrage on the part of animal rights activists or the Italian Left about what is to take place. They allow for the dissemination of Islamic ideas and values at the expense of Italian culture. Animal rights groups and other Leftist organizations are only outraged when domestic food production or medical research involves animals. When it comes to Islamic rituals and culture, not a peep from the Left since their end goal is to gradually collapse civilization in order to usher in their Marxist brave, new world with the help of their Islamic fifth column.