Donald Trump derides Obama’s “Extreme weather” claim

Republican Presidential front runner Donald Trump hosted a rally of 20,000 people in Dallas, Texas Monday. Among the comments he made was to ridicule President Obama’s comments about extreme weather. Trump was referring to Obama’s recent remarks during a speech he gave at a Coast Guard station in Connecticut claiming that climate change is the nation’s biggest security threat. The Daily Caller quotes Trump as saying:

“One of the things that so bothers me,” Trump said, is that “Obama thinks the single biggest threat in the world today is global warming. Can you believe it?”

“Then they changed it to climate change because the word global warming wasn’t working.”

“Then they changed it to extreme weather — you can’t get hurt with extreme weather,” Trump added. “There’s a tornado, there’s a little cold, there’s a wind — it’s always extreme.”

“He says the biggest threat we have is extreme weather, and I say in terms of global warming the biggest threat we have is nuclear global warming because we have incompetent politicians,” Trump continued, referring to the Iran deal that’s unpopular among GOP politicians and voters.

You can watch Donald Trump’s speech in its entirety below.