Oregon environmentalists approve of killing endangered salmon

Oregon environmentalists are outraged at the federal government for conducing a campaign to kill seabirds in order to protect endangered salmon. Maine News states over 1,000 cormorant birds have been killed and about 5,000 nests have been destroyed. The culling campaign will continue until October when the birds leave the area as part of their migration pattern.

The Audubon Society is among the green groups opposed to the kills and, as it turns out, the cormorant birds are a protected species while the salmon are considered endangered. If US wildlife officials didn’t act to protect the salmon they would be in violation of the Endangered Species Act. Since the birds are also protected, no doubt a lawsuit will be filed for the killing of the cormorant birds.

The gist of the claim made by the Audubon Society is typical of any environmentalist group. It is always mankind’s fault for nature’s problems and if humans were not disturbing nature, none of what is happening with cormorant birds would happen. This logic is also taken to the point where environmentalists seek to seek to extract money from taxpayers to pay for public lands and sue or lobby for laws to protect certain species. No matter what US wildlife officials do, the laws are set up to where the agency is guilty and can be held liable in some way. Up to and including acting to protect endangered species as required by law.